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12. April 2019

Enerday Dresden - 13th International Conference on Energy Economics and Technology





Europe has committed itself to ambitious climate policy targets. With the year 2020 right around the corner and new regulatory reforms set to take effect in the coming decade, it is an important point in time to make a critical assessment of the current challenges facing the low-carbon energy system transformation and to put forward policy insights and discuss potential course corrections. With this in mind, this year´s ENERDAY conference is devoted to discussing the existing set of climate policy instruments and their effectiveness in the context of current challenges for the energy system. A special focus is given to carbon prices and the effectiveness of the EU ETS as well as climate policy instruments in non-ETS sectors. Overarching topics include: how well are climate policy instruments in the individual energy sectors working?, how should the reforms made to the EU ETS be assessed and what effect will they have on carbon prices?, are national climate policies and their instruments a hindrance or a help to target achievement?, how can decarbonisation policies in non-ETS sectors, e.g. heating, transport, be effectively implemented?

The 13h Conference on Energy Economics and Technology (“ENERDAY”) provides a platform for discussing the pressing issues surrounding energy systems, markets and policies, with a special focus on “assessing the state of the low-carbon energy system transformation”. Empirical analysis, fundamental modelling approaches, best practice examples and evaluations of policy and market design are of particular interest. A special emphasis is placed on intensifying dialogue on techno-economic issues and perspectives.

For more information, please see the conference website.

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