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As announced on 2015, July 9th the funding programme „Biomass energy use” has been continuing. In the course of the reorientation of the programme, the focus shifts to practical-oriented approaches that allow for a more flexible power and heat generation from biomass and therefore contribute to a climate-friendly heat market.

Current submission deadline: 2015, September 30th & 2016, September 30th

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Information on the state of the funding programme

Responsible for the professional and administrative coordination of the programme: Project Management Jülich (PtJ)

Funding programme "Biomass energy use"

With this programme, the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) funds projects on cost- and energy-efficient biomass use in the power and heat market.


What is being researched?

Technologies | Power & Heat | Flexibilisation | Use of Residues | Market Potentials | Sustainability & Efficiency
The prior focus of the programme is the practical-oriented testing and validation of innovative, energy- and cost-efficient technologies for (combined) power and heat supply as well as optimization of procedures and processes for demonstration and pilot purposes.


Results & Projects

More information on the projects and results from the funding programme you may find here

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Latest publications:

Focus on: Bioenergy-Technologies
(2015, dt/eng) - PDF, 3,14 MB 

Method Handbook - Material Flow-Oriented Assessment of Greenhouse Gas Effects - Volume 4 (2015) - PDF, 9 MB
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Intelligent networking

Innovative ideas often arise in close cooperation between science, research and industry. Therefore, the programme focuses on the benefits of strategic networking and promotes support for interdisciplinary research collaborations and the exchange of knowledge between the project partners as well as with the expert community.

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Further information on the funding programme "Biomass energy use" is available for download here.

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