Biomass to Power and Heat

am 31. 05. - 01. 06. 2017
in Zittau


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Welcome to the conference

Biomass to Power and Heat 2017

31. 05. - 01. 06. 2017 in Zittau/Germany

The modernization of the energy supply system is to result in lower consumption of fossil re-sources and a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.
Biomass cannot be ignored along the path to the realization of a dependable and tailored energy supply.
Use your chance to contribute to the conference "Biomass to Power and Heat 2017" on 31 May and 1 June 2017 with a presentation or a poster.
You will have the possibility to exchange your experiences and to present your experiences, findings and scientific work to a wide audience of specialists and experts from industry and science.
From "Biomass to Power and Heat" is focused on the introduction of decentralized supply approaches to market and on their and their accompanying scientific economic aspects and support.


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Topic I:
Cultivation, harvesting and processing of energy biomass
with a particular view on woody biomass as well as on byproducts
of agriculture, forestry and food technology production

Topic II:
System solutions for the decentralized generation of useful
energy, in particular from biomass and its application,
including the combined heat and electrical aspects

Topic III:
Advances in energy use of biomass, E.g. in Eastern and
Central Europe

Topic IV:
New insights into the thermochemical biomass gasification
and its use of energy from science and practice

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