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Press work of the funding programme "Biomass energy use" (Photo: DBFZ)

Media information

Press information is usually given in German. If you have any questions concerning the projects in English or - as participant of the funding programme "Biomass energy use" - would you like to present interesting results or do you have ideas for press releases or articles, please contact  Anne Mesecke.

More information on the projects can be found in the project descriptions.

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VREM early warning system to enable operators to handle their biomass boilers more efficiently and environmentally friendly

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Construction of micro-CHP plant (Source: FAU)

Novel micro-CHP pilot plant goes into field test operation after successful long-term laboratory trial

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Composting of digestate (Source: GICON)

With an improved material structure, energy generation can be increased and climate-damaging emissions reduced.

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The legal framework conditions are the greatest obstacle to the expansion of the fermentation of municipal biowaste.

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Project BGA-IL (03KB104)

Biogas upgrading with ionic liquids reduces energy consumption.

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Funding Announcement (Source: DBFZ)

New BMWi funding announcement stresses importance of bioenergy.

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Vertreter der Forschungsnetzwerke übergeben ihre Empfehlung zur künftigen Energieforschungspolitik (Foto: BINE Informationsdienst, Jutta Perl-Mai)

The 7th Energy Research Programme "Innovations for the Energy Transition" was adopted by the Federal Cabinet in September 2018.

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The demonstration plant Zellerfeld in Egling an der Paar in Bavaria (Source: InES / THI)

Biogas plants enable load balancing by means of intelligent control management.

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Electrostatic dust collector for biomass boilers developed for domestic use.

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Grafiken Neue Vorhaben 2017 (Quelle: DBFZ)

Since the end of 2017, 15 new scientific projects in the BMWi funding programme "Biomass Energy Use" are investigating bioenergy plants that both function across sectors and are flexible.

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