Market entry, but how?

Statement paper: Incentives and perspectives for technologies for the combustion of residual materials from biomass

The BMWi research network Bioenergy shows obstacles and solutions for the improved market entry of promising research projects in the field of combustion of biogenic residues in automatically charged small combustion plants in a statement paper.

Why is it so difficult for new technologies in the field of small-scale combustion plants that burn biogenic residues to enter the market despite emission reductions and efficiency improvements? This was the overriding question that drove the participants from research and practice in the bioenergy research network of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy (BMWi). As a result of a discussion process lasting several years, the experts have now published a statement paper that brings the various obstacles to the table and offers solutions.

Read more in detail
The entire statement paper can be read here (only in German).

Brief summary of recommendations
You will find an overview of the barrier fan with a wide range of possible solutions in the following graphic (only in German).



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