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Applied BIOENERGY in the 7th Energy Research Programme "Innovations for the Energy Transition".

New BMWi funding announcement stresses importance of bioenergy.

Berlin, October 29, 2018: "Energetic use of biogenic residues and waste" is a new funding area in the 7th Energy Research Programme. The associated funding announcement of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy (BMWi) focuses on research and development on system integration, sector coupling, digitisation and technology transfer. The bioenergy research objectives thus fit into the spectrum of the Energy Research Programme.

The SIGNIFICANCE at a glance:

  • BMWi publishes the 7th Energy Research Programme "Innovations for the Energy Transition"
  • The funding programme "Biomass Energy Use" becomes the funding area "Energetic use of biogenic residues and waste materials" within the framework of the 7th Energy Research Programme: funding amount of €10 million for 2019
  • Thematic focus: biogenic residues and waste materials (incl. sewage gas), system integration, sector coupling, biofuels, digitisation, and technology transfer
  • Two new submission deadlines per year. As of 2019: expected March 1 and September 1
  • Your contact person for BMWi project funding for bioenergy at Projektträger Jülich (PtJ): Ms. Lena Panning

In September 2018, the Federal Cabinet adopted the 7th Energy Research Programme "Innovations for the Energy Transition". By 2022, the Federal Government will have made a total of around 6 billion euros available for this purpose. Ten million has been allocated to the new funding area "Energetic use of biogenic residual and waste materials" for 2019.

In particular, the funding is intended to support projects that put promising research results into practice more quickly and thus accelerate the transition of technology and innovation for a successful energy system transformation.

More information (German press release).

Funding Announcement (Source: DBFZ)

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