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FlexFuture! Biogas ensures stable networks

Biogas plants enable load balancing by means of intelligent control management

Ingolstadt, 11 June 2018 - Biogas plants are regarded as the jokers of the renewable energy system, as they can feed in electricity and heat flexibly and thus compensate for fluctuations. A practical plant proved that bottlenecks and overloads in the electricity grid can be avoided if photovoltaic and biogas plants feed in electricity in a coordinated manner. 

More information (German press release).

The grid connection point of a renewable energy system with the medium-voltage grid always has a maximum feed-in power. If biogas and PV systems are fed into the grid simultaneously, the permissible feed-in power can be exceeded, which disconnects both systems from the grid. (Source: InES / THI)
The gas from the biogas plant is flexibly converted into electricity in order to prevent the plants from being shut down and not to exceed the capacity limit of the grid connection point. This avoids current peaks that could overload the grid and cause the systems to shut down. (Source: InES / THI)
The demonstration plant Zellerfeld in Egling an der Paar in Bavaria (Source: InES / THI)

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