Obstacles of Municipal Biowaste

The legal framework conditions are the greatest obstacle to the expansion of the fermentation of municipal biowaste.

The public waste management authorities see the development of the political framework conditions as the greatest obstacle to the further expansion of the fermentation of biowaste. This is the central result of the two-year research project "Bio-DYN - Obstacle Analysis for the Dynamic Expansion of Fermentation of Municipal Biowaste in Germany" funded by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy (BMWi).

With 41 municipal decision-makers, the discussion and decision-making process was examined with a focus on the obstacles with regard to biogas fermentation (weighing of pros and cons arguments). The collection of plant-related operating data from 20 operators of fermentation plants and their evaluation was another focal point. Finally, assessments of the study participants on future framework conditions for fermentation as well as recommendations to the political decision-makers at state and federal level were collected.

For more information, see the German press release and the brochure of the project written by the Witzenhausen Institute (Dr.-Ing. Michael Kern).


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