Diversity in the heating market - What fits best?

Whether for the home or the industrial plant: "Focus on" compares 52 supply scenarios for heat provision from biomass and other renewable energies

Leipzig – The new publication from the focus booklet series of the BMWi funding area "Biomass Energy Use" briefly and clearly describes trends in heat use in Germany, the diversity in the heating market and presents 52 profiles of cross-sector technologies for heat supply from biomass and other renewable energies. Policymakers, municipalities and practitioners now have a practical handbook that they can use in their planning for the urgent conversion of regional and local heat supply to renewable energies.

At a glance
The new focus booklet: "System solutions in the heating sector. 52 model concepts for climate-neutral heat" (only available in German)

  • Trends in heat utilisation
  • Diversity in the heating market
  • 52 technology profiles including key figures and system diagrams
  • Cross-sectoral from single-family houses to industrial plants

Learn more about the procedure and the research team in the BioPlanW project profile.


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