Project meeting of STEP at the site of the company ATS - Agro Trading & Solutions in Hardegsen (Photo: DBFZ)

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Project ID 03KB023

BiNeRu - Development of competence networks with the Russian regions Nizhny Novgorod, Kaluga, Oryol and Kazan for the bioenergy use in Russia

Church nearby Kazan, Russia (Photo: DBFZ)


  • 01.08.2009 – 30.04.2012


DBFZ Deutsches Biomasseforschungszentrum gemeinnützige GmbH
Torgauer Straße 116
04347 Leipzig

Walter Stinner - project managerTelephone: +49 (0) 341 2434-524E-mail:

Velina Denysenko
Telephone: +49 (0) 341 2434-524


03KB023B - Technical University of Applied Sciences Wildau

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This is a collaborative project with the Technical University of Applied Sciences Wildau (treatment of the logistics questions) and the European Forum for Energy and Environment (EEUF) (development of competence networks with Russian partners). Together with Russian partners in four regions the conditions for the bioenergy use in Russia will be improved.


  • To build more stable competence networks and knowledge exchange between Russian and German partners
  • To develop a new methodology for biomass potential analysis with consideration of energy locations und logistics as a basis for bioenergy regional planning
  • To develop the foundation for a regional bio-energy plan
  • To plan cost effective biogas facilities in Russia



  • To develop an implementation-oriented analysis system for biomass potential and energy use and adaptation to regional conditions
  • To develop, together with international partners, a prioritized list of streams to be analyzed
  • Analysis of the available biomass in the target regions
  • Analysis of the relevant energy use in the target regions and the combination possibilities with the existing energy sources
  • Analysis of logistical conditions
  • Joint evaluation of the analysis
  • Selection of the optimal plant technology and size depending on the logistics
  • Optimization of logistics, compliance with using digestate as fertilizer

Technical University of Applied Sciences

  • Supply Chain logistics from biomass to biogas



  • Competence networks establishment
  • Know-how-transfer
  • Analysis of the pressure to act, analysis of possible costs for the current waste management
  • Analysis of the framework for the major energy uses in the regions
  • Adapting the methods for potential implementation-oriented analysis
  • Implementation and data interpretation

Technical University of Applied Sciences

  • International cooperation
  • A guideline for biomass supply concepts
  • Conception framework for the supply of a pilot biomass plant in Russia


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