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Project ID 03KB062

BioKW - Combined catalytic conversion of biocrude and biomass to liquid hydrocarbons in hot compressed water

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  • 01.07.2011 – 30.06.2014


Leibniz Institute for Catalysis at the University of Rostock
A.-Einstein-Str. 29a
18059 Rostock

Dr. habil. Andreas Martin – project leader
Tel.: +49(0)381 1281-246


03KB062B - PYTEC Thermochemische Anlagen
  • Address:
  • PYTEC Thermochemische Anlagen
    Streitmoor 4
    21339 Lüneburg
  • Contact:
  • Stefan Schöll – Contact person (retired)

03KB062C - PHÖNIX Umwelttechnische Anlagen
03KB062D - Thünen-Institute
  • Address:
  • Thünen-Institute
    Federal Research Institute for Rural Areas, Forestry and Fisheries
    Leuschnerstr. 91 b
    21031 Hamburg
  • Contact:
  • Dr. Dietrich Meier – coordinator

    Michael Windt – research associate
    Telephone: +49 (0)40 73962 515

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Conversion of biocrude and biomass to liquid hydrocarbons


The aim of the joint research project “BioKW” was to produce a CO2 neutral, sustainable supply of fuel based on biogenic raw materials using a combination of ablative pyrolysis and CLC processes in hot compressed water in the presence of heterogeneous catalysts.

Special aims: the synthesis and characterisation of suitable catalysts, the analysis of the starting materials, the product and in particular the construction of a pilot plant, the operation of the plant on a continuous basis and the marketing of the process principle.


Initially, the latest scientific and technical state of the art (2011) is to be determined by a further search of the literature and patents in order to supplement the existing literature database. A market survey as well as the drawing up of mass and energy balances was to be integrated in these papers (2011). Following the pilot plant was to be designed and the construction to be driven forward (2012). Further an analysis routine was to be drawn up for starting materials and products (2012). Continuous test runs (2012-2013) were to make up the main part of the project work. Extensive work on catalyst synthesis and characterization was to be carried out in connection with the test runs (2012-2013).


The PHÖNIX company is responsible for the design and construction of the plant.

Thünen Institute

  • Plant design
  • Starting material and product analysis
  • Test run
  • Reports and publications


Biocrude, biofuel, biomass, catalyst, hot compressed water, hydrocarbons


  • Design, construction and operation of the plant


  • Construction of a special plant
  • Pyrolysis process

Thünen Institute

  • Conducting and optimising the CLC tests as well as characterisation of the products followed by publication (in professional journals) or/and presentation of the results (at conferences).


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