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Project ID 03EI5423

BioMeth - Synthesis of biomethanol based on biogenic hydrogen for use in mobility sector


  • 01.08.2020 – 31.07.2023


DBI - Gastechnologisches Institut gGmbH Freiberg
Department Power Supply Systems
Halsbrücker Straße 34
09599 Freiberg

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Robert Manig – project leader
Telephone: +49-(0) 3731 4195 337


03EI5423B - Biowerk Sohland GmbH

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Planned Results:

  • Plant level: procedure, technical center plant
  • Concept level: plant concept
  • Market level: transfer pilot-/demo plant into commercial use
  • Data level: model, method (analytical, descriptive etc.), test series/-program
  • Publications: scientific papers (ISI, peer-reviewed)


"BioMeth" project uses industrial waste (soap water and glycerinephase) for producing "bio"methanol. Therefor the two-stage biogas process (hydrogen and carbon dioxide source) is coupled with the methanol synthesis (special methanol reactor). The electricity grids can be stabilized by integrating electrolysis (load-performance balance).  In this way, industrial waste can be used in the mobility sector  as biomethanol.


Innovation from “BioMeth” project is the development of a process for the synthesis of biomethanol based on biogenic hydrogen. Biomethanol can be used  as fuel or fuel additive in mobility sector or substitute conventional methanol in technical processes such as biodiesel production. The biohydrogen, a mixture of hydrogen and carbon dioxide, is used as educt for methanol synthesis in a special methanol reactor. In addition, carbon dioxide from the methane-containing biogas and/ or the exhaust gas of a conventional CHP can be used also for methanol synthesis. The stoichiometric demand for hydrogen is balanced by the integration of regenerative electrolysis hydrogen.


DBI - Gastechnologisches Institut gGmbH Freiberg

DBI optimizes the two-stage biogas process in the laboratory for using the substrates (industrial waste). A special methanol reactor  for methanol synthesis is being developed with focus on robustness of process (use of biogenic gases, substoichiometric feed gases) and flexibility (fluctuating feed gas composition, partial load capability).
In the end, DBI looks for technical evidence of the functionality of the overall process in the laboratory.

Biowerk Sohland GmbH

Biowerk accompanies the process development from a technical point of view. The technical conception for the Sohland facility, including an economic feasibility study of the whole process, is another focus of work.


DBI - Gastechnologisches Institut gGmbH Freiberg

Two-stage biogas process, biogenic hydrogen production, methanol synthesis and reactor design, heterogeneous catalysis, process development on a laboratory and small scale, economic-technical evaluation.

Biowerk Sohland GmbH

Biofuels, biodiesel, biomethanol, economic evaluation, development of production processes, experience in plant construction and process development, closed cycle of materials, greenhouse gas balances.


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