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Project ID 03EI5406

BioReSt - Regional pretreatment concepts for the sustainable use of residual waste in biogas plants

Different biogenic residues, e.g. green waste, straw (Source: FH-Münster, TheresaGerks, Marion Schomaker)


  • 01.01.2020 - 31.12.2022


FH Münster - University of Applied Science
Abt. Steinfurt – Faculty of Energy - Buildings - Environment
Stegerwaldstr. 39
48565 Steinfurt

Dr.-Ing. Brügging, Elmar – project leader
Telephone: +49-(0) 2551/9-62420

Stephanie Koch – project coordinator
Telephone: +49-(0) 2551/9-62036

Tobias Weide – further colleague
Telephone: +49-(0) 2551/9-62021

Marion Schomaker – further colleague
Telephone: +49-(0) 2551/9-62565


03EI5406B - AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG

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Planed results:

  • process opimization
  • plant concept


The innovation of the project includes the combination and further development of digestion processes for the pretreatment of lignocellulosecontaining substrates. For the pretreatment, the
substrates are disintegrated mechanically and then chemically and enzymatically treated. 
Through the investigation of different residual materials a concept is developed, that enables the use of these residual materials in a biogas plant. It is taken into account that, depending on the
composition and origin of these residues, different substrate-specific process combinations may be suitable.


The projects aims for an concept for lignocellulosic residues that can be transfered into practice and complies with ecological and economic conditions. By developing a substrate-specific
pretreatment concept mechanical degradation, enzymatic treatment as well as basic digestion is taken into consideration. Thus previously unused residual material potentials for biogas production should be developed.


  1. Development of the digestion strategy on a laboratory scale
  2. Testing on a semi-technical scale
  3. Carrying out practical tests

FH Münster

  • pre-treatment of the residual materials
  • batch-tests and continuous test to determine the biogas potential and thus the various substrate approaches.
  • optimization as well as a selection of the applied digestion strategys for the implementation on a practical scale based on the first results

AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG

  • procurement of residual materials in the project
  • preparation of the economic considerations as well as ecological evaluations based on the test results of the investigation of the biogas potential of different substrate digestions


FH Münster

  • planning and implementation of the experimental program
  • evaluation of the test results to evaluate the efficiency of the digestion methods applied
  • scale-up of the digestion method
  • publication of results
  • project management

AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AG

  • substrate procurement and selection
  • supervision of the experiments on a continuous scale, especially duing a transfer to practical size
  • preparation of economic and ecological considerations and assessments


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