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Project ID 03KB060

CaviCap - Improved biogas upgrading to biomethane by ultrasonic–stimulated CO2 desorption at low temperatures

Pressure regulation biogas plant (Photo: DBFZ)


  • 01.07.2011 – 30.06.2014


GICON Großmann Ingenieur Consult GmbH
Tiergartenstr. 48
01219 Dresden

Dr. Sigrun Jank
Telephone: +49 (0)351 4787853


03KB060B - Brandenburg University of Technology (BTU) Cottbus – Senftenberg
03KB060C - BANDELIN electronic GmbH & Co. KG

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Biogas purification plants serve to remove unwanted gas components from the raw gas and thus to enrich methane. The focus here is on carbon dioxide as it makes up the largest proportion by volume in the biogas of all the unwanted gas components which also include nitrogen, oxygen and carbon monoxide. Biogas purification has hitherto not been cost-effective at smaller, decentralised biogas plants as the amine scrubbing frequently used for removing CO2 operates at temperature levels (approximately 140 °C) which cannot be provided cost-effectively at such plants. The subject of the project is the development of a new type of methane enrichment by improved CO2 removal by amine scrubbing during the purification of the raw gas. Part of the energy is to be input ultrasonically, and is intended to enable the tem-perature levels (approximately 80 °C) at small biogas plants to be used.


  • Development of a prototype for removing CO2 from biogas by means of ultrasonic-induced CO2 desorption
  • Coupling plant to a new type of biogas plant located in Cottbus and examination of the cost-effectiveness of the use of the plant


  • Construction of a laboratory plant as well as a pilot plant
  • Testing of different ultrasonic desorbing devices and solvents



  • Supervision of the engineering aspects of laboratory tests
  • Determination of the cost-effectiveness of the method of gas purification tested
  • Testing of the plant in an existing large-scale biogas pilot plant
  • Engineering for a large scale implementation of the process

BTU Cottbus

  • Construction of a laboratory test plant
  • Conducting laboratory tests with test gases and gases of usual biogas composition
  • Testing the test set-ups for ultrasonic-induced CO2 desorption
  • Development and optimisation of solvents and solvent mixtures
  • Supervision of the tests of the plant in an existing large-scale biogas pilot plant
  • Optimisation of the plant


  • Measurement and assessment of effective ultrasonic amplitudes on the emitting radiating surfaces of the desorber modules
  • Development of a flat bed reactor for efficient CO2 desorption by means of ultrasonic stimulation
  • Design and testing of a horizontal and vertical flat bed reactor
  • Construction and testing of an ultrasonic desorber prototype in a GICON pilot plant and formulation of the technical requirements for the design of the desorber for use in such plants


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