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Biogas Biomass gasification

Project ID 03KB081

EFFIGEST - Development of a highly efficient process chain to increase efficiency during the fermentation of poultry manure using modified straw fractions and process-integrated production of marketable fertilizer

Biogas pellets (Photo: PCM Green Energy GmbH)


  • 01.09.2013 – 29.02.2016


Fraunhofer Institute for Ceramic Technologies and Systems IKTS
Biomass Technologies and Membrane Process Engineering
Winterbergstraße 28
01277 Dresden

Dr.-Ing. Burkhardt Faßauer – project manager
Telephone: +49 (0)351 2553-7667

Björn Schwarz – further contact person
Telephone: +49 (0)351 2553-7745


03KB081C - Rückert NatUrgas GmbH


03KB081D - PCM Green Energy GmbH & Co. KG

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03KB081 - TU Bergakademie Freiberg
  • Address:
  • TU Bergakademie Freiberg
    Department Thermochemical Conversion Institute of Energy Process Engineering and Chemical Engineering
    Fuchsmühlenweg 9 (Reiche Zeche)
    09599 Freiberg
  • Contact:
  • Dr.-Ing. Denise Klinger
    Telephone:   +49 3731 39-4450


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Open up the potential of the residues poultry manure and cereal straw for joint fermentation in anaerobic digestion plants, as well as for material (fertilizer) and energetic (pyrolysis) use of the digestate.


Project goal is the development of an efficient, energy-self-sufficient process chain for the joint fermentation of poultry manure and straw up to small technological scale. The first step is the development of an integrated treatment technology (disintegration and compaction of straw) to a significant improvement of transport and handling costs. Second, an optimized fermentation technology should be designed which is characterized by maximizing biogas yield, optimal nutrient and water management, efficient stirring and mixing as well as avoiding sinking layers. In addition, the fermentation residues have to be transferred for material and energetic use (fertilizer production and energy recovery, particularly pyrolysis).


Fraunhofer IKTS

The IKTS acts within the joint research project as a link between the partners on the basis of analytical and experimental orientation. In the laboratory of IKTS most of the samples produced by the partners are characterized and processed in fermentation tests and basic tests for substrate and digestate handling. The process intended within the project is designed significantly. In addition to the layout of stirring by using a special analysis (process tomography) the development results are perfomed in small technological scale at the IKTS own application center of bioenergy.

Rückert NaUrgas GmbH

The Rückert NaUrgas GmbH is responsible for the selection and the logistics of the poultry manure samples, as well as the digestate from the anaerobic digestion plant with high share of poultry manure. Rückert designs the experimental fermenter and tests the different processes for the treatment of the digestate and the process water (dewaterment, nitrogen removal and drying).

PCM Green Energy

PCM Green Energy is responsible for the concept, development and test of the pelletizing process for the production of high quality biogas pellets made from straw. PCM GE will modify the existing experimental plant to match the requested challenges and specifications. During these tests, variations of different parameters have to be made and relevant operating parameters have to be documented. Further, a concept for the production of fertilizer pellets made from digestate has to be developed. 


Fraunhofer IKTS

  • Material flowcharacterization (material properties, energetic potential) of poultry manure, biogas pellets and process water
  • Kinetics of nitrogen release and comsumption during the fermenation of poultry manure and straw, respectively
  • Evaluation and Optimization of the mixing behaviour of the input substrate (process tomograph)
  • Laboratory tests

Rückert NaUrgas GmbH

  • Selection of the substrate and logistics
  • Design of the experimental fermenter (process tomography)
  • Selection and test of the procedure for digestate preparation
  • Economic evaluation

PCM Green Energy

  • Methodical analysis of pelletizing and compacting straw with addition of caustic lye of soda, varying the operation parameters of the plant and the type of grinding.
  • Determination of process parameters for the planning of an extraction and compacting unit and production of a testing plant.
  • Concept of digestate pelletisation
  • Economic considerations for single components and the whole process.


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