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Project ID 03KB132

ESTEBIS - Real time control of a two-stage biogas plant using modelling and simulation

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  • 01.09.2017 – 28.02.2021


Goethe Center for Scientific Computing, Goethe University Frankfurt
Kettenhofweg 139
60325 Frankfurt am Main

Dr. Arne Nägel – project leader
Telephone: +49-(0)69-798-25283


03KB132B - GICON Großmann Ingenieur Consult GmbH
03KB132C - Techsim UG
  • Address:
  • Techsim UG
    Hebelstraße 5
    75249 Kieselbronn
  • Contact:
  • Babett Lemke – Projektleiterin
    Telefon +49 7231 1668114

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Topic & Aim

This project develops methods for the real-time control of biogas plants. Both quality and quantity of the residual material used in such plants are usually undergoing high variablitiy, leading to challenges in operation and production.  Aiming for a stable production of gas, requires a high level of control, nowadays usually guaranteed by human interaction and manual control. This project develops methods for replacing this by simulation and automated real-time control. Moreover, it aims at translation into practice.

  • Developing a control for methane production in biogas plants, based on a modelling and simulation
  • Integrating sensora and sensor data into the production process
  • Translation of this process into field production
  • Developing a user-friendly graphical interface


Goethe Universität

  1. Developing an optimization problem for biogas plants based on in-situ measurements
  2. Analysing parameters and sensitivities, and selecting an optimal sensor placement
  3. Developing an optimal control algorithm
  4. Deriving a reduced model for real-time controlFormulierung des Optimierungsproblems zum Betrieb einer Biogasanlage unter Berücksichtigung von Messdaten


  1. Support for the development of a mathematical model that maps the processes occurring in biogas plants.
  2. Design and operation of laboratory equipment for testing and verifying the model.
  3. Test the model under practical conditions.
  4. Economic assessment of the overall concept.

Techsim UG

  • Development of a graphical user interface to control the program sequence and the other software tools which have to be developed.
  • The interface must be integrated into the controlling software which works with SPS.


Goethe Universität

  • Model development and optimization process; critical parameters; model reduction; (real-time) control


  • Optimization of anaerobic processes by using a mathematical model; determination of process-relevant parameters for process control in biogas reactors

Techsim UG

  • Interface: GUI, VRL, SPS


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