Project meeting of STEP at the site of the company ATS - Agro Trading & Solutions in Hardegsen (Photo: DBFZ)

Heat Power Biogas Biomass technologies Validation market potential

Project ID 03EI5413

FeBio - Development and construction of a novel, financial feasible, input flexible and efficient 75 kWel AD plant for soild substrates

Prototype solid biogas plant (source: Joachim Pertagnol, IZES)


  • 01.01.2020 – 31.12.2023


Altenkesseler Straße 17, Geb. A1
66115 Saarbrücken

Michael Porzig – project leader
Telephone: +49 (0)681 844972 66

Bernhard Wern – direct contact person
Telephone: +49 (0)681 844972 74
E-mail: wern‍@‍

Dr. Joachim Pertagnol – further contact person
Telephone: +49 (0)681 844972 56


03EI5413B - Ökobit GmbH
03EI5413C - Universität Hohenheim
03EI5413D - Horst Körner Landwirtschaft

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Planned results:

  • Plant level: pilot plant
  • Data level: method, measurement series/program
  • Market level: market forecasts, business plan, patents, intellectual property rights, market-ready technologies, business models, transfer of pilot/demo plants into commercial use
  • Publications: guides, manuals


In the future, substrates for biogas production will be provided mainly by residual materials. Residual materials with TS>30 %, e.g. horse manure, cannot be used in wet fermentation (TS<15 %) without a complex pre-treatment due to their nature. Especially for small, decentralised residual material quantities in rural areas, the use of small plants up to a rated output of 75 kWel is a technically sensible solution. Currently, small wet fermentation plants are primarily designed for manure utilisation. In these digesters the use of solid residues is possible to a limited extent. From a technical point of view, the more suitable alternative of solid fermentation (TS>20 %) currently has uneconomical electricity production costs of >20 cents/kWhel for small plants.


The aim of the project is to develop a solid fermenter suitable for stackable residues. At the end of the project, the investment costs should not exceed the amount of 8,000 €/kWel, in order to enable electricity generation costs of <15 cents/kWel for small plants. This is 25% lower than the current EEG regulations for small plants. The aim is low construction costs, low transport and storage costs, regional use of residual materials and implementation in a kind of builder-owner model. The construction and operation of a prototype (TRL 6) under real operating conditions will provide project planning and operating experience. During operation, optimizations based on operating experience with different substrates and operating conditions (flexible and fixed gas and energy production, partial and full loading, etc.) are incorporated. The need to adapt existing legal regulations is determined along the entire project planning chain. If the economic and technical feasibility is proven, a plant with TRL 8 is expected at the end of the project and subsequently brought to final market maturity by the participating SME.



  • Clarification of energetic, ecological and economic questions in the project as well as the technical processes - also with regard to the integration of the plant into the agricultural operation


  • Planning and construction of the plant
  • Technical optimizations based on the results

Universität Hohenheim

  • Analysis and evaluation of the substrates or fermentation residues
  • Derivation of recommendations for the operation of the plant

Horst Körner Landwirtschaft

  • Owner and operator of the plant, consultation during the planning
  • Organisation of regional substrate production
  • Supervision of the plant, reporting of incidents and detrimental work processes
  • Contact person for visits to the plant



  • Project management, profitability and agricultural practice


  • Technology, plant engineering and optimization

Universität Hohenheim

  • Evaluation and management of substrates and fermentation residues

Horst Körner Landwirtschaft

  • Construction and operation of the biogas plant


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