Project meeting of STEP at the site of the company ATS - Agro Trading & Solutions in Hardegsen (Photo: DBFZ)

Biomass furnace System integration System studies

Project ID 03KB092

FlexHKW - Transition of thermal power stations to flexible power generation

Biomass heating plant PAULS AG Belgium (Photo: Seeger Engineering AG)


  • 01.09.2013 – 31.09.2015


Fraunhofer Institute for Wind Energy Systems IWES
Königstor 59
34119 Kassel

Uwe Hoffstede – project manager 
Telephone: +49 (0) 561 7294-438


03KB092B - SEEGER Engineering AG
  • Address:
  • SEEGER Engineering AG
    Industriestraße 25-27
    37235 Hessisch Lichtenau
  • Contact:
  • Frank Huckschlag – project manager
    Telephone: +49 (0) 5602 9379-0

    Tim Steindamm – further contact person
    Telephone: +49 (0) 5602 9379-31

03KB092C - Bioenergie Wächtersbach GmbH
03KB092D - Next Kraftwerke GmbH

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This project shall evaluate the potential of biomass thermal power plants for flexible power generation. The flexible operation is able to adjust the overall electricity generation to the electricity demand and the power generation by wind and solar power. Hereby the share of renewable energies will be increased and concurrently the CO2 emissions reduced. From the perspective of thermal power plant operators the profit can be maximised by taking advantage of price spreads when directly merchandising the produced energy and henceforth building a sound basis for refunding the power plant.

In order to exploit this extra degree of freedom this project particularly investigates the opportunities of additional thermal buffer plants. Different concepts for sundry thermal power plant types will be elaborated. For an existing pilot plant, running already a district heating network, a technical concept will be elaborated and analysed for the economic feasibility. In the case of economic profitability the technical measures are taken and proven in a field test.


The main objective is to make use of the electrical and thermal power generation from the incineration of solid biomass as a flexible capacity for the uninterruptible power supply. The power generation from biomass shall be increased and shall balance the volatile generation of wind and solar energy. In order to facilitate respective measures in the sector of power generation from solid biomass theoretical fundamentals shall be elaborated for different types of plants and practical experience shall be gathered with a demonstration facility.



  • Categorisation of thermal power plants
  • Determination of prerequisites for the power generation and trading by thermal power plants
  • Economic assessment of the technical solution and transfer to different plant concepts
  • Development of a set of benchmarks and recommendations for enterprises
  • Recommendations for politics

Next Kraftwerke

  • Determination of requirements to be met by power generation and trading by thermal power plants
  • Determination of suitable power trading products for biomass power plants
  • Test operations with a pilot power plant
  • Economic assessment of the technical solution and transfer to different plant concepts
  • Preparation of recommendations for plant operators



  • Plant technology
  • Fleet of power stations
  • Electricity trading
  • Energy business
  • Simulations

Next Kraftwerke

  • Remote control unit
  • Interconnection
  • Balancing power
  • Power trading
  • Direct marketing
  • Field tests


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