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Project ID 03KB093

LEVS - Low Emissions Combustion System for biomass gasification boilers

Technical facilities for test implementation (Photo: Dr. M. Aleysa/ IBP)


  • 01.10.2014 – 30.09.2016


Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics (IBP)
Nobelstraße 12
70569 Stuttgart

Dr. Mohammad Aleysa – project manager
Telephone: +49 (0)711 970-3455


03KB093B - HDG Bavaria GmbH

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According to the current information, the domestic small-scaled combustion plants are an important source of particulate matter and other pollutants such as CO, VOCs and PAHs. The exhaust gas treatment in small-scaled combustion plants with secondary measures is especially difficult due to incomplete combustion. Additionally, it is technically very complex and non-economic concerning the application in the household. For this reason, these pollutants should be reduced by primary amusements through optimizing the combustion technology.


In the scope of the project, an innovative combustion system for gasification boiler will be developed and tested. This system should ensure complete combustion and efficiency increase as well as the improving of the power modulation of the gasification boilers so that the future requirements and emission of the first federal pollution control ordinance (1.BImSchV: Erste Bundesimmissionsschutzverordnung) and other european standards should be complied without further secondary measures. Additionally, the structural design parameters and operating conditions of the system will be evaluated. Based on the experimental results and in cooperation with the company HDG, a prototype will be designed, manufactured and tested over a long period of time.

Through the durability testing, investigation on the operation stability and combustion efficiency as well as extensive measurements of dust and gaseous emissions (total dust, PM10, CO, CnHm and NOx) will be carried out in the use of different biomass fuels in practical operating conditions and under test conditions in accordance with the test standard DIN EN 303-5.


Within the project LEVS, a gasification boiler with a three-stage combustion system will be developed and researched. This system differs from the conventional combustion systems by the combustion air supply system, the cyclone combustion chamber and the integrated treatment stage. During the development, investigations on gasification properties of biomass, on combustion behaviour of produced carbonization gas, on effectiveness and controllability of the combustion air supply system and aerodynamic features of the whole system in the operation will be performed.

Based on the experimental results and the gained experiences, a prototype will be designed by Fraunhofer-Institute for Building Physics IBP and then manufactured by the company HDG Bavaria and tested over a long period of time. The project results will enable the company HDG to produce a marketable gasification boiler.


  • Low emission combustion system for solid fuels 
  • Innovative three-stage combustion system for gasification boilers 
  • Innovative combustion system for stable and complete combustion in small-scaled combustion plants
  • Primary measures for the compliance of emission limits in small-scaled combustion plants of 1.BImSchV 
  • Improvement of the power modulation in gasification boilers


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