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Heat Validation market potential Biomass furnace

Project ID 03KB136

MoBiFuels - Analysis and elimination of market barriers of technichally modified bioenergy carriers


  • 01.11.2018 – 31.10.2022


DBFZ Deutsches Biomasseforschungszentrum gemeinnützige GmbH
Torgauer Straße 116
04347 Leipzig

Lisa Röver – project leader
Telephone: +49-(0)341-2434-429

Former project leader: Kathrin Bienert


03KB136B - A.P. Bioenergietechnik GmbH

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The main focus of the project objective is to advance the commercial usability of innovative biofuels in combustion plants according to 1., 13. and 4. BImSchV / TA Luft in Germany and to elaborate solution concepts for the dismantling of legal barriers while taking into account the approval capability. To this end, the licensing approval of the use of technically modified biomass („MoBiFuels“), which was pre-treated with three innovative processes - washing process, torrefaction and hydrothermal carbonisation - is to be examined at existing and new plants of different performance classes and tested in individual cases. At the same time, as required for the approval of a small biomass plant (<100 kW) for the use of a MoBiFuel (according to 1. BImSchV, No. 13/ §3, Paragraph 1), an application for a one-year measurement programme is made. Based on the experience with the licensing authorities and the systematic analysis of the legal and knowledge status, the market and standardisation potential of modified biogenic solid fuels from wood and agricultural residues or municipal wastes without chemical contamination with aqueous or thermal pre-treatment is estimated..


  1. Scientific monitoring of the approval process for the use of a MoBiFuel in an existing plant which is approved according to 4. BImSchV / TA Luft
  2. Parallel scientific preparation of existing knowledge from pilot/demo experiments of the use of different MoBiFuels to be displayed in an evaluation matrix.fds
  3. On the basis of the current requirements of the LAI as a prerequisite for the approval of a 1st BImSchV plant with a fuel, the approval of a 1-year measuring programme is aimed at.
  4. Derivation of statements on the licensing capability of plants in accordance with 13. BImSchV
  5. Preparation of a practical guideline  of recommendations for action on the approval capability and standardisation requirements of MoBiFuels in small, medium and large BImSchV plants



  • Coordination of the project / project management (AP 1)
  • Market investigation & preparation of current R&D knowledge (AP2)
  • Plant selection (criteria, different fuel approval capability) (AP3)
  • Support of the licensing procedures as well as evaluation of the approval capability for MoBiFuels in large-scale plants (AP4)
  • Development of strategies to reduce barriers to market introduction, potential assessment for the introduction of additional specific product standards for MoBiFuels in Germany and preparation of a guideline including an evaluation matrix for the approval capability of MoBiFuels and best-practice examples (AP5)

A.P. Bioenergietechnik

  • Selection of 1–2 plants each with high transfer potential (AP3)
  • Preparation and monitoring of the licensing procedure, incl. the 1-year measurement programme for the 1. BImSchV and fuel approval for the 4. BImSchV plant (AP4)



  • Market investigation, selection criteria for site selection, analysis of obstacle and constraints, guidelines with evaluation matrix

A.P. Bioenergietechnik

  • Plant selection, preparation and monitoring of a 1-year measuring programme in a plant of the 1. BImSchV, preparation of documents for fuel approval


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