Project meeting of STEP at the site of the company ATS - Agro Trading & Solutions in Hardegsen (Photo: DBFZ)
Project ID 03KB086

Ovaler BioReakt - Biogas production from biogenic residues in oval biogas reactors with steel fiber reinforced concrete

Oval reactor (Photo: IKTS)


  • 01.08.2013 – 30.04.2017


Fraunhofer Institute for Ceramic Technologies and Systems IKTS
Biomass Technologies and Membrane Process Engineering
Winterbergstraße 28
01277 Dresden

Dr. Karin Jobst – former project manager


03KB086B - Werner Stowasser Bau GmbH

01.08.2013 – 20.03.2014

03KB086C - MFPA Leipzig GmbH

01.08.2013 – 01.05.2014


01.10.2014 – 31.10.2016

03KB086E - ATG GmbH
  • Address:
  • ATG GmbH
    Jocketaer Straße 91
    08525 Plauen
  • Contact:
  • Bastian Graf – direct contact person
    Telephone: +49 (0)37 41 28 11 20

15.12.2015 – 30.04.2017

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03KB086 - IWE-Ingenieurgesellschaft für Wasser und Entsorgung mbH
03KB086 - Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf e. V.
03KB086 - Biogastechnology V.B.T.S. GmbH
03KB086 - Institut für Angewandte Bauforschung Weimar gGmbH


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The focus of this project is the establishment of a demonstration biogas-plant with an output of 10 kWel for the testing and validation of a novel oval-shaped biogas reactor made out of steel-fibre reinforced concrete, combined with the application of efficient mixing technologies. Based on the scientific findings of small- and pilot-scale studies it is intended, to utilize the appearing circulating flow and the resultant procedural advantages of a flow tube, combined with the advantages of reaction cascade, to increase the biological activity of the microorganisms of interest. Besides the procedural optimization of both the reactor geometry and the applied agitators, a novel reactor construction type, based on a lightweight concrete sandwich structure, is supposed to make a contribution to the improvement of the environmental and economic overall concept of biogas production. In addition to the illustrated technology transfer of an innovative reactor concept to a real-life operation, a continuing performance  enhancement of biogas production through the application of lignocellulosic biogenic waste materials is targeted.


The intention of this project is the development, testing and validation of a novel biogas production technology for the reutilization of biogenic waste. Through the combination of process engineering and structural engineering, a new reactor design with integrated mixing techniques shall be developed, since an optimized flow-regime inside the reactor will lead to a significant increase of the biogas yield compared to conventional biogas plants. Another main objective of this project is to demonstrate, that lignocellulosic residues, such as landscape management residues, can be utilized effectively for biogas production. Besides the mentioned improvements concerning the flow conditions inside the biogas reactor, a novel lightweight concrete sandwich structure of the reactor should have a positive influence on the efficiency of the biogas plant.



In addition to the development of characteristic upscaling-parameters, the technical and technological specifications of the demonstration plant will be prepared in cooperation with IWE Ltd.. A procedural validation and optimization of the system is to be conducted after the construction of the demonstration plant took place. The center of attention focusses on the mixing process, including the evaluation of the appearing flow pattern in connection with the formation of biogas. Additional measurements for the evaluation and analysis of the developing flow profile inside the digester should be made by the Helmholtz-Centre Dresden-Rossendorf using flow following sensor particles to increase the confidence level of the macro-mixing analysis. A further focus is the optimization of the pretreatment of the substrate (biogenic residues) in order to maximize the biogas yield.


The function of Werner Stowasser Construction Ltd. is on the one hand the structural preparation and construction of innovative system components of the oval reactor system and on the other hand substrate pre-treatment. During construction, special attention should be paid to the validation of the concrete characteristics. Under commercial field conditions, the material properties of steel fiber reinforced concrete should be checked and measures for structural optimization are derived.


MFPA Leipzig GmbH will develope the structural design of the innovative biogas reactors, with special attention to the use of steel fiber reinforced concrete. In cooperation with the project partner Werner Stowasser Construction Ltd. the concrete characteristics of the reactor system are checked and validated during construction of the plant. In direct comparison of the results of the material properties of steel fiber reinforced concrete with simulation calculations, general statements on the use of steel fiber reinforced concrete in biogas plants are to be derived.


The function of the LEHMANN-UMT Ltd. is the structural preparation and construction of the demonstration biogas plant. The lightweight concrete sandwich structure will be developed in cooperation with the Institute of Applied Research Weimar. A further focus is the optimization of the pretreatment of the substrate. Therefore, the wear of the disintegrator will be reduced.



  • Biogas
  • Lignocellulosic biogenic waste materials
  • Oval reactor geometry


  • Construction of the new reactor system
  • Structural monitoring and optimization


  • Structural planning of the reactor systems          
  • Monitoring and optimization of material characteristics of steel fiber reinforced concrete


  • Biogas
  • Lignocellulosic biogenic waste materials
  • Oval reactor geometry


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