Project meeting of STEP at the site of the company ATS - Agro Trading & Solutions in Hardegsen (Photo: DBFZ)


Project ID 03KB052

REMISBIO - Measures to reduce emissions from biogas plants: Catalyst tests

RemisBio Biogas CHPU (Photo: Caterpillar Energy Solutions GmbH)


  • 01.01.2011 – 31.12.2015


DBFZ Deutsches Biomasseforschungszentrum gemeinnützige GmbH
Torgauer Straße 116
04347 Leipzig

Dr.-Ing. Jan Liebetrau – project coordinator
Telephone: +49 (0) 341 2434-716
E-mail: jan.liebetrau‍@‍

M. Sc. René Bindig
Telephone: +49 (0) 341 2434-746
E-mail: rene.bindig‍@‍

Dr. rer. nat. Ingo Hartmann
Telephone: +49 (0) 341 2434-541
E-mail: ingo.hartmann‍@‍


03KB052B - MWM GmbH
  • Address:
  • MWM GmbH
    Carl-Benz-Str. 1
    68167 Mannheim
  • Contact:
  • Heinrich Baas – project leader, direct contact person
    Telephone: +49 (0) 621 384 8660
    E-mail: heinrich.baas‍@‍


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The project broaches the issue of reducing emissions of methane from biogas-driven CHPs (Combined Heat and Power plants) by means of catalytic exhaust gas treatment. Besides producing and testing suitable catalyst materials and integrating them into large-scale plants, the efficacy of such measures is economically analysed.

Special focus lies on methane slip that occurs at biogas-driven CHPs and results from incomplete combustion of the biogas in the combustion engines. Due to the undesirable impact of methane on the greenhouse effect, the slip should be prevented with special regard to the use of renewable energy sources.


The project aims at developing a marketable procedure to reduce the emission of methane from biogas-driven CHPs (Combined Heat and Power plants) and at documenting the effects of practical application. The development and application of a catalyst that reduces emissions of methane and formaldehyde is emphasised. The optimised catalyst is then tested at large-scale plants.



Catalyst tests on a laboratory scale: idealised and realistic-like conditions
Catalyst tests at real plants (real exhaust gas)


As aggregate and plant engineers, MWM is responsible for implementing large-scale tests. Consultancy and support (like providing market-related information or specifying exhaust gas compositions) will be supplied beforehand.

MWM will provide a pilot plant which enables long-term experiments with real exhaust gas on catalyst prototypes. MWM will install catalysts supplied by the project partner Heraeus at one or more pilot plants and survey their ageing.



  • Demonstration of selected practicable measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions with focus on CHPs
  • Scientific and metrological support of these measures
  • Qualitative and quantitative prove of the measures’ efficacy
  • Economic assessment of carbon dioxide mitigation costs that are associated with the application


  • Large-scale pilot plants: The developed catalysts will be long-term tested at one or more pilot plants and will be compared to currently existing catalysts.


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