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Project ID 03EI5432

WinZell - Hydrogen Utilization in Pulp Mills for Enhanced Sector Coupling Based on Biogenic CO₂

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  • 01.07.2021 – 31.12.2023


University of applied science Munich
Chair of Regenerative Energy Systems
Schulgasse 16
94315 Straubing

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Matthias Gaderer
Telephone: +49-(0) 9421 187-100

Daniel Klüh – Projektleiter
Telephone: +49-(0) 9421 187-128


03EI5432B - Mercer International

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Planned results:

  • plant level: technical center plant, demo plant
  • concept level: plant concept
  • market level: businessplan, ready for market technologies, business models
  • data level: models/modeling, scenarios
  • publications: scientific papers (ISI, peer-reviewed)


Pulp mills have as yet untapped potential as a site for power-to-X technologies. In addition to green electricity from the combustion of biomass, large quantities of biogenic carbon dioxide are also available in a pulp mill. Furthermore, the necessary infrastructure for the operation of a power-to-X plant also exists in a pulp mill (e.g. wastewater treatment, utilization of oxygen from electrolysis, ...).


This research project investigates how a power-to-X plant can be integrated into a pulp mill as efficiently and cost-optimally as possible. In addition to the energetic use of residual materials for heat and power generation, the integration of PtX concepts is being investigated as a new building block. The central element will be the production of green hydrogen by water electrolysis.


University of applied science Munich

  • System simulation of different utilization paths for hydrogen including integration into the pulp mill
  • Pathway analysis and optimization model for the design of power-to-X plants in pulp mills
  • Life cycle assessment of power-to-X products
  • Experimental study of methnaol purification

Mercer International

  • Data collection
  • Optimization model for electrolysis operation


University of applied science Munich

  • Creation of mass and energy balances
  • Path analysis
  • System simulation
  • Life cycle assessment
  • Experiments on a pilot plant

Mercer International

  • Data collection
  • Optimization model for electrolysis operation
  • Laboratory Analysis





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