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07. Februar 2018

Workshop "Current Developments in Portfolio and Risk Management – Energy Markets in Transition"


Universität Duisburg-Essen




E-World 2018 in Essen


The energy transition progresses both in Germany and Europe. Simultaneously, the
conditions along the complete value chain of the energy industry and energy markets in
particular continue to evolve. Due to the ever increasing share of intermittent renewable
generation, forecasting has become an essential tool of risk management and state-of-theart
methodologies with low cost and computational effort are required. Balancing markets will
play an important role in a transformed energy system and remain an important topic. They
continue to be discussed from both a market design perspective but also from the
perspective of new participants seeking extra yield from offering their services in these
markets. Meanwhile, the conditions for traditional generation, still required during the
transition, are further altered. A reform of the EU emissions trading system seems imminent
and the introduction of a carbon price floor would have great effects on marketed assets and
portfolios, while the developments on the European gas market also have ramifications for
portfolio and risk management. With the workshop “Current Developments in Portfolio and
Risk Management” the E-World congress programme provides a platform for exchange
between the scientific community and industry. Energy markets in transition are discussed in
four topic blocks: forecasting, balancing markets, carbon pricing as well as European gas
markets are considered from both a practical and scientific perspective. The workshop is
aimed at the practitioners form all stages of the energy industry’s value chain and at
researches involved in the field. The sessions will provide opportunities to discuss concepts
and experiences presented and stimulate exchange between all stakeholders.

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Februar 2018