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 International event

13. Mai 2018 - 17. Mai 2018

SETAC Europe 28th Annual Meeting


SETAC Europe


Roma | Italia


The Scientific Committee is dedicated to putting together a very valid scientific programme on the overarching theme “Responsible and Innovative Research for Environmental Quality”

Research and innovation have a double face: They can solve immediate problems and increase our well-being, but they can also have a strong impact on the environment, with an increasing rate of extraction of natural resources and of greenhouse gas and chemical emissions into air, water and soil, with detrimental acute or chronic toxic effects on ecosystem and human health.

Responsible research and innovation is an interactive and transparent process with which scientists and social actors work together on ethical and sustainability aspects in order to ensure a correct implementation of scientific progress in our society. The safeguarding of the environment is an ethical duty for every citizen and in particular for environmental scientists. In our society, the latter have a huge responsibility. They have to develop, communicate and implement knowledge, methods and tools regarding the management of the toxicological and ecotoxicological effects of chemicals, in order to reduce the risks they involve and regulate their use. Moreover, they need to find new ways of uncovering in advance the potential impacts of chemicals and to identify ways of anticipating and responding to them.

Environmental protection requires a constructive dialogue among various environmental sciences disciplines such as chemistry, ecology, toxicology, ecotoxicology, human health studies, engineering and social and economic disciplines in order to tackle this urgent and complex global problem at different levels. In addition, to be effective, it also requires a constructive dialogue among science, ppolicymakers business and citizens. The importance of communication is therefore evident: science and technology are becoming more complex, more difficult for non-experts to understand and, potentially, more disruptive or pervasive. Scientists and researchers should engage citizens and policymakers in evidence-based discussions relatively early in the development of new technologies, explaining the emerging risks and the progress of knowledge.

For this purpose, the SETAC 2018 Annual Meeting in Rome will be a place where scientists coming from various disciplines in academia, business/industry and government will find new opportunities to present, debate and disseminate the most recent scientific knowledge, developments and applications for reducing and regulating the use of chemicals, remediating soil, air and water and proposing more sustainable chemicals for responsible and innovative research.

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