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 International event

14. Mai 2018 - 18. Mai 2018

26th EUBCE 2018





Biomass utilisation for multitude of products continues to grow in the rapidly developing bioeconomy. This growth brings many new challenges with the scaling up of existing technologies and the emergence of new ones that benefit from new innovations. Biomass provides a vital source of renewable energy, fuels, chemicals and materials for replacing fossil fuels that are responsible for a large part of the climate change we are already experiencing. In Stockholm at the 25th EUBCE the key question of "the indispensable role of biomass" was at the centre of key political, industrial and scientific discussions during opening, throughout the conference, and closing the conference. 

We now look forward to the 26th EUBCE in 2018 in Denmark and to the many vibrant topics that will be included in the agenda. The core of the traditional EUBCE conference will be held over 4 days. There will however be an extension to the core conference and exhibition in order to showcase the many achievements in the field of full scale biomass utilisation in Denmark that are an integral and major part of the country becoming fossil-free by 2050. Members of the national organising committee will organise special technical visits to sites in the centre of the country where biomass is the key renewable feedstock into processes producing renewable energy, biofuels, biochemicals and biomaterials as well as integrating bioproducts into traditional established fossil-based systems. 

We hope that you will take advantage not only of the well established annual EUBCE event in 2018, but also of the added opportunity to get close to the fruits of well designed polices and the deployment of scaled up biomass utilisation technologies in Denmark in May 2018. 

For more information see the conference website.



Mai 2018