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 Summer School

22. Juli 2018 - 27. Juli 2018

IKEM Summer Academy ‘Energy and the Environment’



Greifswald, Berlin


The 15th annual Summer Academy ‘Energy and the Environment’ is launching a second call for applications. This year, the Academy’s topic is: ‘Roadmap to a low-carbon future: Policy and finance for climate action’.


The Paris Agreement marks a clear acceleration in climate policy, and the pledges made by the international community and private actors must now be translated into meaningful action. During six days of energy-site visits, workshops and conferences, the Summer Academy 2018 will sketch a roadmap to a low-carbon future. Policy and finance are key drivers of this much needed climate action. The program therefore dives into climate change and international policy first, then narrowing its scope to the lessons of the German energy transition, down to the different forms of climate finance and the participation of multi-level stakeholders, from the Green Climate Fund down to crowdfunding.


The Academy offers an international and interdisciplinary perspective on the major issues associated with the global energy transition. The program features workshops, visits to a wind energy farm and a power-to-gas plant (Greifswald), as well as a three-day conference program (Berlin). Bringing over 25 nationalities together in 2017, the network potential of the event is reinforced through an evening program, ending with a festive goodbye barbecue.


The Summer Academy admits 30 participants with academic and professional experience in the field. The program is rooted in policy as key driver of change, and offers a diverse and interdisciplinary perspective considering societal, technological and regulatory/economic elements. This interdisciplinary approach will be reflected in the selection of participants. Places are limited, so please do not wait too long with sending a registration form via email.

For more information, please visit the event website.



Juli 2018