7th Energy Research Programme "Innovations for the Energy Transition" Approved

The 7th Energy Research Programme "Innovations for the Energy Transition" was adopted by the Federal Cabinet in September 2018.

By 2022, the 7th Energy Research Programme of the Federal Government has been allocated a total of around 6 billion euros. A central concern of the current Programme is to strengthen technology and innovation transfer. For this purpose, real energy system transformation laboratories (Reallabore) will be established as a new pillar of energy research. In addition, the access of start-ups to research funding is to be improved. The Energy Research Programme addresses both technology-specific funding priorities and cross-technology issues. Cross-system topics such as sector coupling and acceptance issues also play an important role here.

What does this mean for the BMWi Research Network Bioenergy / BMWi ´Funding  Programme "Biomass Energy Use"?
Bioenergy has been integrated into the 7th Energy Research Programme as a new funding priority. The associated funding announcement of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy is currently being prepared. Bioenergy-relevant topics are:

  • Holistic integration of bioenergy technologies into the energy system and the sectors electricity / heat / transport with bioenergy as a necessary integrative component
  • Conversion technologies for biogenic residues and waste materials
  • Technological focus on flexibility, efficiency enhancement, and cost reduction of Bioenergy as part of the overall system and focus on markets (energy)

More information can be found at energieforschung.de (only in German available) and in the 7th Energy Research Programme "Innovations for the Energy Transition" (section 4.2.3 Bioenergy).

Vertreter der Forschungsnetzwerke übergeben ihre Empfehlung zur künftigen Energieforschungspolitik (Foto: BINE Informationsdienst, Jutta Perl-Mai)

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